Cloud-Based Case Management, Legal Accounting, Court Forms and Document Management.

Available within one Software Solution

One Solution Designed to Make Your Firm More Money

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Legal Accounting

Effortless time recording, billing, AR management, trust reconciliations, and reporting allows you to efficiently run your business while maximizing your profits.

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Automated Court Forms

Up-to-date, automated and highly integrated legal forms and precedents for Canada.

Document Management - work from home

Document Management

Create, store and share documents, correspondence, searches and forms in one intuitive location, from different devices.

Easily transition to the Cloud

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Your path to the Cloud

LEAP can transition data from a multitude of different systems. We work one-on-one with your firm to lay out an elegant path that involves minimal disruption to your work. PCLaw and Time Matters clients in particular have an added benefit due to our joint venture with LexisNexis.

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More money in your pocket

LEAP in the Cloud enables you to eliminate the cost of maintaining expensive servers and IT services, saving you time and money to invest in growing your firm.

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Experienced helping hands

With over 40,000 users of LEAP in the Cloud worldwide, we have done a lot of transitions! Rest assured, we have decades of experience helping firms just like yours make the switch.

Work Anywhere, Any Time

LEAP in the Cloud enables you and your team to work from anywhere, anytime creating a truly mobile law office. Using LEAP in the Cloud, you can communicate with clients, record time, safely share documents and access legal forms and files on-the-go from whichever device is right for you.

World Class Security

As a cloud solution, all LEAP data is securely stored on servers built on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform. These fully redundant, world-class data centres, protect your practice against server failure and provide continual data backups, so your data within LEAP will always be up to date to the last time you connected to the internet.

AWS makes security its top priority, providing a data centre and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations such as NASA, Atlassian and Dow Jones.

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LEAP integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365

Produce documents in an instant

Using automated merge fields, your matter details are applied to the documents when generated. The solution will also automatically calculate legal rates and charges and apply these where appropriate.

Manage email correspondence

Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook allows you to send and retrieve email correspondence from your matter via any device, capturing time and maintaining professionalism.

Schedule video calls with one click

LEAP’s integration with both Zoom and Microsoft Teams lets you schedule video calls with one click so you can remotely meet with staff, clients, co-counsel, and other parties.

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intake form

Offer Exceptional Client Service

Your clients and potential clients can communicate and collaborate remotely with you 24/7 via a Web Portal created specifically for your firm. Features include; Online intake forms, payments, appointment bookings, document sharing and more. Included in your LEAP package.

Hear why LEAP has over 40,000 users globally

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LEAP is everything you need to run a law firm