Commitment to Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We work hard to provide the best practice management software in the world.

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Ongoing Updates for LEAP Users

LEAP is committed to providing our users with ongoing updates to ensure they have access to everything they need to run an efficient and profitable law firm. As a Legal Practice Productivity Solution, LEAP makes it easy for lawyers to establish a modern law office where lawyers and staff can work from anywhere, any time, through LEAP Desktop, LEAP Web App, and the LEAP Mobile App for iPad, iPhone, and Android. Stay informed on product updates and releases through our monthly newsletters, emails, social media updates, and LEAP Help Centre announcements.

Free On-Demand Training

LEAP offers training resources to clients via free webinars, on-demand lessons via LEAP University, and more.

LEAP Support Options

LEAP offers 24/7 support via the LEAP Help Centre and HelpDesk. Browse online help articles, post questions, and more.

Regular Product Updates

The LEAP Content Team works to create matter types, cards, and tables across multiple provinces and areas of law.

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"LEAP Software provides great functionality, seamless integrations with various applications, and exceptional reporting capabilities. Each day, LEAP continues to leave us impressed with its remarkable features."
Wasef Ahmad | Lawyer, Waryah Law

LEAP Innovation Timeline

LEAP delivers cutting-edge technology to law firms like yours with new products, user feature requests, and regular updates.

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May 2024

Matter AI

Chat with Matter AI to instantly access insights and information directly from the correspondence in your LEAP matter.

Leveraging cutting-edge AI algorithms, Matter AI analyzes all the intricate details within documents, and correspondence in your matter, enabling you to streamline your workflow and deliver exceptional legal service to your clients.

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Apr 2024

Power BI

LEAP is the first legal software provider with a Microsoft certified Power BI connector. Seamlessly integrate the LEAP Practice Productivity Solution with Microsoft Power BI to gain powerful performance metrics, enhance decision-making, and optimize your legal practice with fewer resources.

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Jan 2024


LawY is the only AI Legal Assistant in Canada that generates responses from an expanding legal database, verified by qualified lawyers.

Seamlessly integrated with LEAP, LawY’s AI Legal Assistant window can be accessed via the correspondence pane of any family law or real estate matter.

Currently, LawY can address your family law and real estate questions and will soon expand its scope to encompass all common areas of law.

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DEC 2023

DivorceMate in LEAP launched in Ontario

Available for Ontario law firms in LEAP, DivorceMate Forms, Calculations and Agreements let you take advantage of integrated matter management, matter-based legal accounting and billing, document automation and Ontario-specific legal content.

Work directly in DivorceMate MS Word forms, including financial forms. Create DivorceMate Agreements, using clause checklists. Run support calculations in LEAP and save directly to your client matter.

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DEC 2023


InfoTrack’s online ID Verification, by Treefort, provides easy IDV checks in compliance with AML and Law Society regulations. It uses facial recognition, fast report generation, and mobile accessibility.

InfoTrack provides cloud-based title and property searching from within LEAP. It streamlines the ordering process, reduces manual data entry, and offers flexible search methods. Upload and send documents using SignIT, with a DocuSign audit trail.

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sep 2023

DivorceMate in LEAP launched in British Columbia

DivorceMate Forms, Calculations and Agreements are available in LEAP for British Columbia law firms, using the same functionality users are accustomed to. Apply matter-based legal accounting and billing, document automation and BC-specific legal content in one solution.

Work directly in DivorceMate MS Word forms. Create DivorceMate agreements, using clause checklists. Run support calculations in LEAP and save directly to your client matter.

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SEP 2023

By Lawyers

Created by experienced legal practitioners, By Lawyers provides the most comprehensive online library of legal precedents, forms, guides, and matter plans in all areas of law.

Research from within your matter with up-to-date commentaries and links to legislation and case law. Find answers with practical, detailed guidance in common areas of law. Access 2,500 integrated precedents. Matter plans have all the resources needed to conduct a matter.

Computer on a desk with bundlepro open

SEP 2023


BundlePro helps you create professional, presentable, and searchable PDF bundles in minutes, not hours. Consolidate multiple documents into one PDF, with an auto-generated table of contents and index, reducing the time and effort in preparing a court book.

Create a final PDF document to court requirements, with pagination, watermarking, custom page stamping, colour-coded sections, and much more. BundlePro is your cost-effective bundling solution.


AUG 2023


LawToolBox is a powerful rules-based calendaring tool with automated features to help with your daily tasks, conveniently listed in one place, so you won’t miss a deadline.

Streamline the management of deadlines and court dates using LEAP to send and retrieve Outlook correspondence; LawToolBox incorporates dates listed in client matters, plus any dates you and colleagues add to the calendar. Customize the dates and deadlines to suit your needs.

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AUG 2023

Conflict Check

LEAP’s new Conflict Check tool allows firms to quickly find and mitigate conflict of interest related issues.

By searching across all People, Cards, Matters and Correspondence, users can identify where a conflict may arise before instruction. With a full history of changes and integration with the applicable compliance area of LEAP, an indelible record is created. Add notes and status to the Conflict Check, and assign other users to review.

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MAY 2023

LawConnect Intake forms

LawConnect intake forms provide a convenient and user-friendly way to accurately collect your clients’ information using an online form during the onboarding process.


Mar 2023

SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance

SOC 2 is considered the gold standard for security compliance for SaaS companies across the globe. 

SOC 2 compliance means that LEAP went through a stringent examination of the following service categories: overall security, service availability, information processing integrity, and privacy safeguards to ensure confidentiality of customer data.

QR code for LEAP online payments

FEB 2023

LEAP Online Payments

LEAP Online Payments streamlines the billing process by enabling law firms to accept payments by credit and debit card, right from the client’s invoice, trust request, or matter statement. Clients can conveniently pay your firm through their laptop, desktop, or smartphone. Once the payment is processed, you are notified promptly. Save hours in monthly reconciliations thanks to the automatic payment posting back to LEAP matter.

screenshot of lawconnect in LEAP

Jan 2023


LawConnect allows you to confidently share documents and collaborate with clients online anywhere, anytime. Our robust document sharing solution provides you with complete control over all your files, enabling seamless access management and greater visibility across all shared documents.

Integrated with LEAP, share, grant and manage access, and attach your firms brand to invoices and documents, knowing your documents are safe on secure servers.

person using a laptop with divorcemate open

NOV 2022

DivorceMate Calculator

DivorceMate is Canada’s family law software specialist.

Easily access DivorceMate’s trusted child and spousal support calculator from your client file from within the LEAP ribbon. Easily enter special expenses, calculate Net Disposable Income, and more!

Input screens are simple, intuitive and include extensive on-screen help. A one click and your calculation is converted to pdf — ready to attach and email.

person using a laptop

OCT 2022

Workflow and Call Logging

Our fully integrated Call Logging app for LEAP Desktop delivers an easy-to-use centralized register for all inbound telephone inquiries, providing details, status, and an audit trail.

Capture the inquiry, allocate to a Card or Matter, and assign it to a staff member. Through the integration with LEAP’s notifications, staff will instantly know whether they must attend to an inquiry. Once the inquiry has been dealt with it can be marked as complete.

Person typing on a laptop

JUL 2022


The Trust Administration Fee app supports Law Society of British Columbia compliant reporting. The TAF is a one-time charge to clients/matters, if a lawyer handles trust funds not used as a retainer or as payment for client expenses.

Funds received through the app are automatically posted, and can be invoiced to clients. Included are reports of fees charged, total charged, and tax, split between Residential Real Estate and Other Matter Types.

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June 2022

LEDES Billing

LEDES billing, which refers to electronic bills that adhere to the Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard, can be generated in LEAP by enabling the LEDES E-Billing app through the LEAP marketplace. By enabling the app, the user can then generate an electronic version of the invoice for a single matter or in bulk for multiple matters. LEAP currently offers four different versions of e-bills: 1998B, 1998BI, LEDES 2000 (ICBC format), and LEDES 2.0.

Person typing on computer

May 2022

LSA Export App

The LSA Export App is a LEAP Marketplace add-in designed to swiftly generate the year-end reports package required by the Law Society of Alberta.

The app provides users the functionality to generate reports individually or in bulk, save results to a matter, and to save locally on any device. Once these reports are generated, the user can now successfully upload the reports to the portal for year-end submission.

a person typing on a tablet

OCT 2021

Transaction Levy

The Transaction Levy App is a LEAP Partner add-in designed to create and report on transaction levies for Real Estate and Litigation Matter Types.

Transaction Levy streamlines your compliance with Ontario Law Society requirements. Produce required reports directly in LEAP, complete with detailed breakdowns based on matter type and practitioner. This simplifies the reporting process, saving you time and effort while ensuring accurate compliance.

Everything you need to make your firm more profitable.