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Committed to delivering cutting-edge and intelligent legal software solutions, LEAP's dedicated team of specialist developers present innovative AI solutions that automate routine tasks, simplify document management, and enhance decision-making, allowing lawyers to do what they do best — practice law.

Thomas MacKay | Fox McNevin MacKay LLP

"Having all of the new AI tools and DivorceMate in one place has given me greater confidence and brought greater efficiency to my files. I’m able to pass the savings on to my clients and balance my workload better."

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LawY combines the efficiency of AI technology with the precision of human expertise by providing verified AI answers. LawY can assist legal professionals with:

  • Conducting legal research

  • Drafting letters and documents

  • Creating precedent orders

  • Preparing court documents

  • Reviewing case law or legislation

  • Drafting affidavits

  • Proof reading, grammar checking and summarising information

LawY is included in all LEAP subscriptions at no extra cost.

The Legal Practice Productivity Solution

LEAP occupies a unique position in the legal software market as it includes practice management and matter-based legal accounting, document assembly and management as well as many of the traditional legal publishing assets all in one solution. What makes LEAP unique is that it has been designed from the ground up as one synchronized solution.

LEAP's Initial Training Program has been approved by the Law Society of Ontario for 3 Professionalism Hours.

Law society of Ontario accredited

Innovate your practice to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability

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World-Class Security

All LEAP data is securely stored in Canada on servers built on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform. These fully redundant, world-class data centres protect your practice against server failure and provide continual data backups, so your data within LEAP will always be up-to-date to the last time you connected to the internet.

AWS makes security its top priority, providing a data centre and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations such as NASA, Atlassian and Dow Jones.

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Derrick White, Principal Lawyer | White Law

"LEAP has transformed the way I serve my clients."

Pamela Krauss, Partner | Morrison Reist Krauss LLP

"LEAP has allowed us to integrate all information that we need day-to-day, and it has been truly transformative.”

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"Throughout our migration from PCLaw to LEAP, the Implementation Team and Trainer worked to answer our questions in a timely manner. This made our transition to LEAP effortless, and we look forward to continuing to work within LEAP."
Alexandra O'Donnell | Real Estate Law Clerk, Chamaillard Law

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Access more than 2000 time-saving legal court forms across common practice areas.

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