Legal Practice Management Software for Canada

LEAP combines automated legal forms, document management and legal trust accounting tools in one serverless solution.

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The Legal Practice Productivity Solution

LEAP occupies a unique position in the legal software market as it includes practice management and matter-based legal accounting, document assembly and management as well as many of the traditional legal publishing assets all in one solution. What makes LEAP unique is that it has been designed from the ground up as one synchronized solution.

LEAP is everything you need to run a law firm

Document and matter management any device

Document Management

Create, store and share documents, correspondence, searches and forms in one secure and searchable location from within your LEAP matters.

Court forms and templates

Automated Court & Government Forms

Access more than 2000 province-specific forms within LEAP. These forms are kept up-to-date by our Content Team, so you can be sure you are using the correct version.

Effortless trust accounting

Accounting & Billing

Effortless time recording, billing, accounts receivable management, trust reconciliations and reporting.

LEAP's Initial Training Program has been approved by the Law Society of Ontario for 3 Professionalism Hours.

Law society of Ontario accredited

"LEAP has allowed us to integrate all information that we need day-to-day, and it has been truly transformative.”

Pamela Krauss, Partner

Morrison Reist Krauss LLP

"LEAP has transformed the way I serve my clients."

Derrick White, Principal Lawyer
White Law

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"Throughout our migration from PCLaw to LEAP, the Implementation Team and Trainer worked to answer our questions in a timely manner. This made our transition to LEAP effortless, and we look forward to continuing to work within LEAP."
Alexandra O'Donnell | Real Estate Law Clerk, Chamaillard Law
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Make the Most of LEAP

The LEAP Legal Practice Productivity Solution streamlines your firm operations and improves overall efficiency.

  • Draft all your documents and letters directly in LEAP

  • Access a library of up-to-date court and government forms

  • Add your own documents to the LEAP library of forms

  • Save time with recurring matter templates (RMTs)

  • Unlock automation by entering details only once

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LEAP + Microsoft 365 enables you to securely work and collaborate from anywhere, at any time

LEAP integrates with familiar applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook to allow you to access your electronic business files. Accessing these files through LEAP on a web browser means you can work from virtually any device, from your laptop to your smartphone to your tablet.

Produce documents in an instant

Using LEAP's automated merge fields, your matter details are applied to documents when generated. The solution will also automatically calculate legal rates and charges and apply these where appropriate.

Manage emails with ease and security

LEAP users experience a seamless, two-way sync with Microsoft Outlook. Emails automatically save to the relevant client matter so they can easily be retrieved from your device. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to improve security.

Schedule video calls with one click

LEAP's integration with both Zoom and Microsoft Teams lets you schedule video calls so you can remotely meet with staff, clients, co-counsel and other parties.

All Common Areas of Law

Access more than 2000 time-saving legal court forms across common practice areas.

General Litigation

Real Estate

Trusts & Estates

Family Law

Personal Injury

Criminal Law

Business / Commercial Law


Wills & Power of Attorney

Secured by Amazon Web Services

World-Class Security

All LEAP data is securely stored in Canada on servers built on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform. These fully redundant, world-class data centres protect your practice against server failure and provide continual data backups, so your data within LEAP will always be up-to-date to the last time you connected to the internet.

AWS makes security its top priority, providing a data centre and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations such as NASA, Atlassian and Dow Jones.

Since transitioning from PCLaw to LEAP, my firm has adopted processes that have increased efficiency and productivity. Its user-friendly platform made it easy to learn, and ultimately, easy to use. In ... show more

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Lusi Brace, Barrister Solicitor & Notary Public

Brace Law

LEAP’s document management system enables our team to locate documents quickly and organize our files more effectively.  LEAP’s intuitive timekeeping and accounting functionality has provided more aut ... show more

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Lana Wiens

Cozens and Wiens LLP

Innovate your practice to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability


No Servers

LEAP's cloud software, powered by Amazon Web Services, enables you to eliminate the expense of maintaining on premise desktop servers and IT services.

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Work from anywhere

Being a cloud-based solution, LEAP enables you and your team to work from anywhere, on any device, with ease and efficiency.

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Real-time data

LEAP's single, integrated platform deploys real-time changes across your business with notifications when someone is currently working on an electronic file.

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"LEAP Software provides great functionality, seamless integrations with various applications, and exceptional reporting capabilities. Each day, LEAP continues to leave us impressed with its remarkable features."
Wasef Ahmad | Lawyer, Waryah Law

Law firms using LEAP make more money