Practice Management Software for Alberta Law Firms

LEAP’s cloud-based practice management system enables Alberta Firms to take advantage of integrated matter management, matter-based legal accounting and billing, document automation and Alberta-specific legal content, all in one solution.

Hybrid Cloud Solution for Lawyers in AB

Storing your firm’s data in the cloud means you can break free from your servers.
No more costly and complicated IT maintenance. LEAP’s cutting-edge technology provides several benefits to law firms like yours.

Work from anywhere on any device

With LEAP’s cloud-based system, an electronic file is created for each matter, so you can access matters and work from any device, anywhere.

Instant data syncing

Even when your Internet is offline, you can continue to work—your data will instantly sync when you are back online.

World-class security

Built on Amazon Web Services, LEAP has cloud-hosted servers based in Canada so you can securely share and collaborate on documents.

Simplified software updates

Software version upgrades are vastly simplified and faster. The software is all maintained, upgraded and backed up automatically by LEAP.

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Easily manage correspondence with LEAP’s Microsoft 365 Integration

Complete integration between LEAP and Microsoft Outlook means all of your firm’s emails and attachments are automatically saved to the relevant matter. Easily search and locate correspondence in the electronic matter from any device. LEAP also allows you to instantly track time spent reviewing incoming emails and preparing outgoing emails, so you can automatically capture every moment of billable time.

DivorceMate’s Family Law Forms and Agreements are now in LEAP

FormsAgreementsMicrosoft Word Integration

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Matter information automatically populates onto forms

Frequently used family forms are included with automatic entry of matter details (such as party names, lawyer names, contact information, and more), saving you time with repetitive tasks. Forms are editable, letting you save customized versions of the forms you use the most.

Informative videos to get you started

Watch our instructional videos demonstrating how easy it is to use the DivorceMate products in LEAP directly from your LEAP matters. Work directly in DivorceMate MS Word forms, including financial forms. Create DivorceMate agreements with ease, using simple clause checklists and MS Word commands. Run support calculations using the DivorceMate Tools Calculations App in LEAP and save directly to your client matter.

DivorceMate Forms in LEAP

DivorceMate Agreements in LEAP

DivorceMate Calculations in LEAP

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DivorceMate in LEAP: Live Demonstration

In this webinar, we explore the newly integrated DivorceMate Forms and Agreements in LEAP, review the DivorceMate Calculations App, and demonstrate some of the most sought after productivity features LEAP clients love the most. Watch the webinar replay now!

The Legal Practice Productivity Solution

LEAP occupies a unique position in the legal software market as it includes practice management and matter-based legal accounting, document assembly and management as well as many of the traditional legal publishing assets all in one solution. What makes LEAP unique is that it has been designed from the ground up as one synchronized solution.

550+ Automated Alberta Court & Legal Forms across several common areas of law

Real Estate Family LawImmigration

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Statement of Adjustments

Simply input your client and case information once into your matter so the details are automatically merged each time you generate a new document within the matter, avoiding repetition of work and unnecessary mistakes.

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Secure document management

Secure document management and collaboration

LEAP’s secure document management system improves law firm collaboration by allowing users to easily create, store and share documents, correspondence and forms in one intuitive location.

Cloud-based software means that any time you or someone in your firm works on an existing document or creates a new one, the electronic matter updates in real time. Improve collaboration and workflow within your firm when all your staff have secure access to the most current matter information—from anywhere.

Automate legal documents

Customize and automate your legal documents

Easily create customized and automated documents using Outlook, Word and Excel. Documents, forms and letters can be quickly generated with information automatically merged from the corresponding LEAP matter. For all matters where repetitive data is regularly entered, take advantage of information fields to generate pre-filled documents so your staff can reduce time spent on manual data entry.

LEAP mobile

Work from anywhere at any time with the LEAP Mobile App

Communicate with clients, record time and access cases from anywhere with your mobile device or tablet. The LEAP Mobile App gives you the power to manage your entire law practice remotely. Access legal forms and files on-the-go and search cases, contact details and critical dates quickly. Instantly track and record time, scan documents directly into a matter and record expense recoveries when out of the office.

Law firms using LEAP make more money

LEAP’s integrated and feature-rich solution has everything you need to innovate your law practice and stay competitive in the BC legal market.

Legal trust accounting

LEAP provides effortless AR management, trust reconciliations, and reporting.

Instant time recording

Capture more billable hours by automatically tracking time while you are working on documents, emails, case-related calls, meetings and court appearances.

Effortless billing

Eliminate manual billing entry with LEAP’s built-in timesheet and make billing effortless with automatic legal calculations.

Legal software integrations

Boost productivity with software integrations, including LawConnect, Microsoft, Quickbooks Online and more.

Law firm reporting

Measure performance with a wide range of reports for clients, office and management.

World-class support

LEAP provides support through various channels, including our online Help Centre and HelpDesk team to solve any technical issues.