Make the most of LEAP

Master the essentials of LEAP's practice productivity solution, so you can save time, streamline your systems, and run your law firm with ease.

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How does LEAP improve your productivity?

Draft all your documents inside LEAPCreate letters fasterAccess up-to-date court & government formsAdd your own agreements to LEAP

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Draft all your documents inside LEAP (and add your own)

Drafting documents is crucial to your work as a lawyer. This is why LEAP allows you to draft documents based on your preference.

Create documents from a library provided by LEAP, modify a document in our library to suit your workflow, or add your own drafted documents.

Enjoy access without switching between multiple programs or browsers.

Save time, with documents auto-filled with names of parties, and addresses you've previously entered in LEAP.

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Know you are up-to-date, all the time

See the latest updates available within LEAP, including forms and agreements via the red dot alert. Visit the LEAP community page for the latest information, discussions, and updates.

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How does LEAP keep you up-to-date?

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Forms Are Updated
Integrated Forms & Precedents
Client Support Grow your firm

The experienced legal research team keeping LEAP up-to-date

LEAP is constantly kept up-to-date by our experienced team of legal researchers responsible for automated forms and agreements which you can modify to suit your needs.

Our legal research team often come from law firms and include law graduates and skilled developers. Each team member provides technical expertise, ranging from how the law is updated through legislation and case law, and coding to enable legal document automation.

"LEAP has transformed the way I serve my clients."

Derrick White, Principal Lawyer
White Law

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LEAP Essentials

LEAP is the global leader in Legal Practice Productivity Solutions, where we invest in making your practice management as streamlined and efficient as possible.

Download the LEAP Essentials brochure and learn five practical concepts that will make your firm more productive and profitable.

Make the most of LEAP today

Master the essentials of LEAP's Legal Practice Productivity Solution to save time and run your firm with ease, while increasing your profit margin.

LEAP helps improve your productivity by empowering you to:

  • Draft all your documents inside LEAP (and add your own letters and forms)

  • Create letters faster, branded with the firm logo, which automatically includes matter information you've previously entered in LEAP

  • Access up-to-date court and government forms for all areas of law, specific to your province

  • Add your own documents to the library in LEAP

  • Access how-to webinars on the easiest way to migrate your firm to LEAP, simplifying your IT, accessing the Cloud to work from anywhere, MS Word integration, useful companion products, and more.