Practice Management Software for BC Law Firms

LEAP’s cloud-based practice management system enables British Columbia Firms to take advantage of integrated matter management, legal accounting and billing, document automation and BC-specific legal content, all in one solution.

What is LEAP?

The Legal Practice Productivity Solution for Law Firms

LEAP occupies a unique position in the legal software market as it includes traditional practice management and legal accounting attributes, document assembly and management, as well as many of the traditional legal publishing assets all in one solution. What makes LEAP unique is that it has been designed from the ground up as one synchronized solution.

LEAP is everything you need to run a law firm

LEAP’s integrated and feature-rich solution has everything you need to innovate your law practice and stay competitive in the BC legal market.

Legal trust accounting

LEAP provides effortless AR management, trust reconciliations, and reporting.

Instant time recording

Capture more billable hours by automatically tracking time while you are working on documents, emails, case-related calls, meetings and court appearances.

Effortless billing

Eliminate manual billing entry with LEAP’s built-in timesheet and make billing effortless with automatic legal calculations.

Legal software integrations

Boost productivity with software integrations, including LawConnect, Microsoft, Quickbooks Online and more.

Law firm reporting

Measure performance with a wide range of reports for clients, office and management.

Automated court forms and precedents

2,000+ up-to-date, automated and highly integrated legal forms and precedents for Canada

490+ Automated BC Court and legal forms live across common areas of law

Family Law
Estate Planning & Administration

DivorceMate cloud in LEAP software

SCFR Form 5 - Counterclaim

Simply input your client and case information once into your matter so the details are automatically merged each time you generate a new document within the matter, avoiding repetition of work and unnecessary mistakes.

Trust Accounting

Legal Trust accounting

Simplified trust accounting, billing and tracking

Ensuring you remain compliant with your provinces trust regulations is made easy with LEAP. The fully integrated trust accounting simplifies complex transactions, capturing every transaction with an indelible record. The trust reconciliation and suite of reports delivers your regulatory obligations, and the integrated time and fee recording provides accurate activity tracking across any connected device. Instantly generate invoices, capture disbursements and integrate LEAP office accounting and billing with Xero and Quickbooks Online.

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Microsoft integration

Easily manage correspondence with LEAP’s Microsoft 365 Integration

Complete integration between LEAP and Microsoft Outlook means all of your firm’s emails and attachments are automatically saved to the relevant matter. Easily search and locate correspondence in the electronic matter from any device. LEAP also allows you to instantly track time spent reviewing incoming emails and preparing outgoing emails, so you can automatically capture every moment of billable time.

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The Complete Legal Practice Productivity Solution for Family Law Firms

LEAP features the the same family law tools and functionality that DivorceMate users are accustomed to, including BC-specific legal content, all from within the LEAP interface.

Now, when you purchase LEAP for your practice, you can access the DivorceMate integration features in LEAP for an additional $25 per user / per month. Offer expires: September 30, 2023.

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Everything you need to run a law firm

LEAP's cloud-based practice management software includes everything a legal practice needs to improve productivity and make more profits.

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