Practice Management Software for Family Law

LEAP includes DivorceMate Tools Calculator. DivorceMate is the most trusted family law software brand in Canada, used by over 6,500+ family law professionals and members of the Canadian Judiciary.

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LEAP and DivorceMate combined in 2022 to provide powerful new capabilities to practice management software. Our partnership makes it easier than ever for family law firms to become more efficient and profitable. By utilizing LEAP’s integrated DivorceMate functionality, you now have the DivorceMate Tools Calculator and LEAP’s legal practice productivity solution all in one package, eliminating the need for two separate platforms.

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Family Law

LEAP’s practice management solution provides everything you need to complete family law matters. With integrated, up-to-date and fully automated forms and precedents, accounting, time recording and so much more, LEAP’s cloud-based software streamlines the progression of your family law cases.

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Pre-configured Matters, Forms and Precedents

Developed by family law practitioners, LEAP’s family matters provide all fields necessary to capture pertinent information. This information is used to generate documents, including court forms and precedents, with pre-filled client and matter information, and has full integration with Microsoft 365 for sharing with interested parties.

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DivorceMate Integration: Tools Calculations

Tools Calculator is a professional family law calculator that determines child and spousal support, based on the federal Child Support Guidelines and the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines.

The complete practice productivity solution for family law firms.

With DivorceMate functionality available within LEAP, you can eliminate the need for two separate platforms.