National Family Law Program 2024

NFLP is Canada’s largest and most prestigious family law conference. It attracts approximately 500 family law practitioners, members of the judiciary and representatives from government and academia from across Canada. 

July 22 - 25, 2024 in Halifax, NS.

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The Legal Practice Productivity Solution for Family Law Firms

LEAP, DivorceMate and LawY are proud to sponsor this bi-annual conference, offering a breadth of educational content through a variety of presentation formats presented by leaders in the field.

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The Legal Practice Productivity Solution for Family Law Firms

DivorceMate Forms, Calculations and Agreements are now available in LEAP's cloud-based, Legal Practice Productivity Solution for Ontario family law firms. Eliminate the need for two separate platforms, and access practice productivity and family law software in one place.


Meet our Presenters

Join us for informative sessions and for a social gathering

Spousal Support: How to argue your case using software

July 24th, 2024 - 2:45pm ADT

LIVE DEMOS Thomas MacKay Lawyer Fox McNevin MacKay LLP Ramsey Cabbani VP of Sales LEAP
Live Demonstration

July 24th, 2024 - 8:00am ADT

Meet our Product Specialists

Join Oliver Pizzie, Ramsey Cabbani and Spencer Chase.

SPONSOR Jim Williams Dinner featuring the Barra McNeils

Wednesday, July 24, 2024 Pier 21, Halifax

Unlock the power of legal AI

LEAP has been at the forefront of legal software innovation for over 30 years. Now, through community-based advisory partnerships and governance, LEAP is opening new doors for law firms to drive even more efficiency and enhance client experiences using responsible, generative AI solutions.

AI is not a replacement for the expertise and judgment of a qualified lawyer. Instead, it’s a powerful tool that can augment your capabilities and transform the way you practice law. Embrace AI as your intelligent partner and unlock the full potential of LEAP.

The Legal Practice Productivity Solution for Family Law Firms

LawYMatter AIDivorceMate in LEAP

Unlock the power of verified legal AI

LawY combines the efficiency of AI technology with the precision of human expertise by providing verified AI answers. LawY can assist legal professionals with:

  • Conducting legal research

  • Drafting letters and documents

  • Creating precedent orders

  • Preparing court documents

  • Reviewing case law or legislation

  • Drafting affidavits

  • Proof reading, grammar checking and summarising information

LawY is included in all LEAP subscriptions at no extra cost.

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Tom MacKay, Principal

Ontario Law Firm

The integration of DivorceMate Forms, Agreements, and Tools Calculator in LEAP has allowed us to bring all our practice into one program. The forms are easy to use, and it took little to no effort to ... show more

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Karina Jackson, Managing Partner

Jackson Family Law

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