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LEAP has what Time Matters® users expect, and more

February 15, 2022

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Change is hard when the end result is unfamiliar. Fortunately, LEAP has what Time Matters users expect. LEAP makes changing from server-based practice management software to cloud-based software an easy one for law firms looking to modernize. 

A brief history of good change

Law firms using reliable legacy server software needed a clean pathway to the cloud.

In May 2019, two established global leaders in legal technology entered a joint venture to promote a stable pathway to the cloud. The agreement between LexisNexis and LEAP to operate PCLaw | Time Matters LLC ensured unprecedented stability for lawyers using server-based legal software platforms who wanted to change. 

But the real value for Time Matters users is what they get when they switch to LEAP.

Following their transition to LEAP, Time Matters users can expect to use a powerful desktop application fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel to manage their matters and contacts.

A powerful desktop application

When faced with the overwhelming prospect of changing law practice management software, lawyers should not discount the value of familiarity. Law firm staff grow accustomed to specific software, and firms develop reliable procedures for quickly and efficiently serving clients’ unique needs.

With LEAP, Time Matters users continue using stable software installed directly onto their laptop or desktop computer. Opening, saving, printing and emailing documents on LEAP is familiar. 

A fully built-in integration with Microsoft

Time Matters users also expect their law practice management software to fully and automatically integrate with Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel. LEAP comes fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook so emails can easily be saved to matters. LEAP automatically routes replies and forwards to the same LEAP matter. 

Calendar entries and tasks can also be linked to matters to keep your schedule in one place. LEAP integrates with Microsoft Word and Excel so documents can be saved to clients’ matters and everyone can work from one version of the truth.

LEAP will feel familiar to Time Matters users, but the important thing to remember is that LEAP includes so much more.

Time Matters users get more with LEAP

Time Matters users will be tempted to divide their annual Time Matters contract by the number of users in their firm, and then divide that number by 12. Comparing their current bill to LEAP’s price per user per month is a smart move because it demonstrates cost-conscious business decision-making. 

However, this equation is only part of the equation.

When law firms started using the DOS version of Time Matters in 1989, legal practices were defined by the physical world of paper texts and documents, and the physical places where those materials could be stored and filed. Not so today.

Today, law firms operate in a paperless and mobile world. E-filing has replaced USPS Certified Mail. Law firm employees expect work-life balance and to access their work from anywhere, with computers, web browsers, and mobile apps on their phones and tablets. Law firm clients expect to electronically sign agreements, meet via Zoom, and pay online.

To accommodate these expectations, law firms using Time Matters buy additional tools.

The value of switching to LEAP is therefore not only that LEAP will feel familiar, but that LEAP provides what Time Matters firms are currently buying separately.

These tools give Time Matters users a better version of what they expect and save hundreds of dollars a month on expensive data backup and server maintenance and replacement costs.

  • LEAP’s cloud database is accessible anywhere with one login so law firms can avoid the complication, cost and data security risks of VPNs and remote desktop connections.

  • LEAP provides secure document sharing, review and commenting so firms avoid buying extra apps, and clients can exchange information anywhere with an internet connection.

  • LEAP’s free mobile app for Apple iPhone and iPad and Android devices puts your practice at your fingertips.

  • LEAP includes hundreds of automated, jurisdiction-specific court forms so drafting is clicking.

  • LEAP includes timekeeping and billing tools so financial information stays in one place, rather than transferring between different systems. 

While Time Matters and other law practice management software options require firms to pay more for the option to integrate with commonly used tools, LEAP offers completely free, out-of-the-box integrations with tools lawyers and paralegals already use.

  • Microsoft Teams video conference management within LEAP matters

  • Leading accounting software, Quickbooks and Xero

  • PDF management with Adobe Acrobat DC

  • Printing cost recovery right from the LEAP matter

  • Phone calls and faxes directly from LEAP

Change is easy when the end result is familiar. LEAP is a better version of what Time Matters users expect and offers what Time Matters users currently buy separately. 

Switch to LEAP today.

Law firms using LEAP make more money