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Chat with Matter AI to instantly access legal insights and information directly from the correspondence in your LEAP matter

May 16, 2024

Matter AI

At LEAP, innovation is at the forefront of our business model. LEAP thrives in challenging the norm, setting trends, and adopting new technologies to make the practice of law easier for our clients. Over the last year, the development team at LEAP has invested significant resources into new AI functionality for our clients.

Today, LEAP announced the launch of one of its latest innovations, Matter AI, a new AI tool which is exclusively available to LEAP users at no additional cost. Matter AI analyzes your matter correspondence and returns insights and concise answers to the questions posed by practitioners.

Matter AI helps in understanding the scope of the work, matter status, and the overall work that has been completed on a legal matter in mere seconds—as opposed to hours of manual efforts that are traditionally put in and tracked by the users in the law firm to gain such insights. While Matter AI solely looks at the documents stored in a particular case/matter, thereby providing a highly accurate answer, LEAP will advise the users to cross-verify the information returned by Matter AI.

Generative AI can be extremely intelligent and complimentary to the precision and accuracy in legal matters. To make the process of information verification easier, all answers by Matter AI have references to the relevant documents and correspondence that it uses to give the answers.

Matter AI is launched on the heels of LEAP’s first AI product—LawY, Canada’s first trusted legal assistant—launched earlier this year. While Matter AI uses the information that is stored on the matter for its responses, LawY uses AI to answer legal questions from an expanding legal knowledge base that grows, improves, and learns, with each verified response. The results produced within LawY include references to applicable legislation and case law; this allows legal practitioners to access information in seconds, with the added benefit of the verification process.

LawY employs a pool of experienced local lawyers who act as verifiers, enhancing the quality of the information being provided to the user. With adoption of this strategy, LawY stands as the market leader as a trusted AI and distinguishes itself from other AI tools.

Matter AI and LawY are now available to LEAP users at no added cost. Watch the video to learn more.

Matter AI

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