The Legal Practice Productivity Solution

LEAP is everything you need to run a law firm, with cloud-based features and time-savers that can help make your practice more efficient and profitable. Serving over 61,000 legal practitioners globally, LEAP software is tailored to the most commonly practiced areas of law in small to mid-sized law firms.

The Legal Practice Productivity Solution

LEAP includes traditional practice management and legal accounting attributes, document assembly and management, as well as many of the traditional legal publishing assets all in one solution. What makes LEAP unique is that it has been designed from the ground up as one synchronized solution, accessible from anywhere, using desktop or mobile.


Document Assembly and Management

LEAP's in-built legal document management system for law firms lets you create, store, and share documents, correspondence, and forms, in one secure and searchable location in the Cloud. With over 1,000 pre-configured matter types, you can easily store client information, e-mails, and documents in one electronic matter.


Legal Publishing

At LEAP, we understand that lawyers must have up-to-date, consistent, and accurate information to operate productively. Providing pre-configured forms, drafted legal precedents, and pre-populated starter documents, LEAP's Legal Practice Productivity Solution ensures you don't lose time using out-of-date materials.


Legal Accounting

With powerful invoicing features and reporting capabilities, LEAP improves service to your customers while making your accounting more efficient. Whether you're doing fixed fee work, value billing, or time recording, LEAP's activity recording system provides lawyers with all the information to bill every matter accurately.


Practice Management

Ensure the successful management of your law firm with LEAP's Legal Practice Productivity Solution. Features in LEAP automate and simplify practice management tasks, so you spend less time on non-billable activities and spend more time practicing and boosting your firm's productivity.

Hybrid Cloud Practice Management

With LEAP, you don’t need an internet connection to access your information. You can continue to work even if your internet goes offline. Your data will automatically sync when you are back online. With no downtime, you and your staff can stay productive.

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From document management and automated court forms to legal trust accounting, billing and more, LEAP's cloud-based practice management software has everything you need to efficiently manage your law firm from anywhere at any time.

Download the LEAP Brochure to learn more about how LEAP's productivity-boosting features can help you improve your law practice.

Sales Demonstration Video

Watch this condensed demonstration hosted by Emily Wilson, Business Development Manager, to learn how LEAP Legal Software enables law firms to streamline their processes while increasing the firm's productivity and profits.

LEAP is everything you need to run a law firm